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Quotes On Trump ! By Al Mason

June 2,2020

Describing Trump as “the law and order president”, Al Mason, co-chair of the Trump Victory Indian American Finance Committee, said in a statement that Trump supports the rights of peaceful protestors, but anarchy, rioting and looting needs to end.

“He has correctly called Antifa - a domestic terrorist entity. He is right in mobilising US military to end riots and lawlessness,” Mason said.

May 21, 2020

President Trump has always been an optimist and a motivational force. Trump's focus on reopening the country's economy safely is another prudent step by him, he said. The best economists teach us that there is a bigger crisis than the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing... and that is poverty. The United States under President Trump -- post coronavirus -- will emerge stronger than ever, Mason said.

May 16, 2020

According to the co-chair of Trump Victory Indian-American Finance Committee, Al Masson, the president is not just a sensitive guardian to his 325 million fellow Americans, he is also their resolute and humanitarian commander-in-chief.

“He has brought forth his true empathy and determination -- blended with just the right solutions to fight this “Made in China” coronavirus pandemic. His mission is to save American lives and revive the American economy. By doing whatever it takes,” Mason said on Friday.

“Trump is unbeatable. His critics and enemies should leave him alone. They should let him focus on fighting for all Americans against the invisible coronavirus pandemic and rebuilding the economy. He is a master at whatever he builds and he believes in the power of prayer,” said Mason.

May 12, 2020

In President Trump, Indian-Americans have the best friend ever inside the White House. It is a myth that Indian Americans vote for Democrats," said Al Mason, co-Chair of Trump Victory Indian American Finance Committee.

March 16,2020

Indian-American doctors commend Trump administration's handling of coronavirus outbreak :

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FEB 24 2020,

"India visit of President Trump is a historic milestone in the relationship between the world's largest and oldest democracies," said Al Mason, advisor to Global Real Estate Investments, Education Institutions and Hospitals. "It's once in a century ... Read more at:

Feb 23,2020

"President Trump has been the best friend of India amongst all US Presidents. He loves Indians and Indian-Americans. Indian Americans nationwide love him as much," Al Mason, advisor to Global Real Estate Investments, Education Institutions and Hospitals, told . "How else do you explain 60,000 Indian-Americans attending his 'Howdy, Modi!' rally with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Houston, not to overlook the fact that billion-plus Indians in India love President Trump too," he said re ..

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Feb 23,2020

Al Mason, a supporter of India-US relations, said many Indian-Americans are aware that Kimberly Guilfoyle, who is presently the National Chair of the Trump Victory Finance Committee, has been instrumental for the success of the "Howdy, Modi!" event. "Indian-Americans love her (Guilfoyle). With her dynamism and sincerity, she has taken the Trump campaign to a higher level, reaching out to all minority communities," he said. n his capacity as co-chair of Trump Victory Indian American Finance Committee, Mason said he is reaching out to scores of his Indian-American friends from the technology and IT sector, investors, hoteliers, builders, doctors, to participate in Trump's re-election campaign.

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